Destinations that should be on your 2017 hot list.

  • Sunshine Coast

  • Nashville

  • Canada

  • Edinburgh Scotland

  • Grand Ole Opry

  • Finland

Where is it going to be – Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Romania, France or Scotland?

They are just four of the countries appearing on hot destination lists for next year. So start planning – 2017 looks set to be a great year for travel .

Here are ten hot destinations suggested by Travel Corporation’s experts.


From the frosted peaks of the Rocky Mountains to the grand romance of Quebec, Canada is characterised by diversity and difference but in 2017 the country will share one commonality; a milestone 150th birthday. This breath-taking destination will play host to an array of cultural events and activities to celebrate its history and heritage making Canada a must-visit destination for 2017.

Trip: Adventure World’s Eastern Coasts & Cultures is perfect for travellers looking to explore some of the country’s most charming cities and spectacular rugged coastlines.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville’s musical connections are inescapable and they have made the city into the ultimate pilgrimage destination for country-music lovers the world over. Visitors can follow in the footsteps of musical legends at the Grand Ole Opry and step inside the world’s largest centre dedicated to American music at the Country Music Hall of Fame which turns 50 in 2017.

Trip: Luxury Gold by Insight Vacations offer a 9-day Southern Grace itinerary with a visit to this repository of memorabilia and musical memories and the chance to meet a local songwriter who will share stories behind the biggest country music hits.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Founded in 1947, the Edinburgh Festival is one of the key cultural events of the year with comics, performers, artists and those looking for their big break heading to the Scottish capital every August to showcase their latest material. In 2017 the festival will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

Trip: CostSaver’s, operated by Trafalgar – England and Scottish Heritage holiday guests can immerse in the world’s largest arts festival and snap up tickets to the iconic annual Military Tattoo which takes place in the imposing shadows of Edinburgh Castle.

Colmar, France

2017 will see the release of Beauty and the Beast, a romantic fantasy re-make of the much-loved Disney classic. Although firmly located in the realm of fiction, Belle’s beautiful hometown is rumoured to have been inspired by the pretty Alsace town of Colmar. With its colourful homes, cobblestone streets and timber framed buildings it bears a striking resemblance to the fictitious town featured in the film’s opening scenes.

Trip: Uniworld’s Legendary Rhine & Moselle luxury river cruise can visit its medieval centre and explore its winding streets and romantic canals.

United States

A rare celestial show is set to take place on August 212017 with the first total solar eclipse visible from the United States occurring in nearly four decades. Skies are predicted to darken along the ‘path of totality’ running from Oregon to South Carolina as the moon completely blocks out the sun. Enjoy the great outdoors in some of America’s most spectacular National Parks and be part of history during this unforgettable phenomenon.

Trip:Trafalgar’s National Parks Wonders 9-day trip.

The Sunshine Coast, Australia

There are few destinations that can rival the Sunshine Coast when it comes to inviting names and 2017 will mark 50 years since the title was bestowed on this region of southern Queensland. With its endless beaches, serene hinterland and abundant wildlife the Sunshine Coat has plenty to offer whether travellers are looking to do as much or as a little as possible.

Trip: AAT King’s 13-day East Coast Beaches & Reefs guided holiday visits the tropical resort town of Noosa where bush meets beach with stunning results.


There are some periods in history which have monumental impacts and can change the foundations of society irreversibly. The 16th century Reformation was one such historical turning point and the nailing of the 95 theses to the Castle Church in Wittenberg by Martin Luther is often regarded to be the defining moment. Marking 500 years since this event, 2017 is the perfect time to take a journey into the history books and explore parts of Germany closely associated with Luther.

TripTrafalgar’s new The Life of Martin Luther tailored trip visits an array of Luther heritage attractions.

Transylvania, Romania

The fictional hilltop home of one of literature’s most famous characters, Bran Castle, is a haunting yet undeniably intriguing destination which is well worth a visit in the 120th year since the publication of Bram Stoker’s iconic gothic novel, Dracula.  Surrounded by dense forest and flagged either side by imposing mountains, this 14th century castle is a mystical creation shrouded in myths and legends .

Trip: Insight Vacation’s Treasures of the Balkans escorted journey travels through some of Eastern Europe’s most fascinating destinations.


Whilst the short summers see Finland burst into life, an eerie frosty magic descends on this unspoilt country during winter meaning whenever you choose to visit something wonderful awaits. The spotlight will be shining on this Nordic gem in 2017 as Finland celebrates the centenary of its independence.

Trip:Trafalgar’s new Nordic Adventure itinerary visits the scenic Finnish Lakeland and the harbour side capital, Helsinki, with its island restaurants and cutting edge music scene.

London, England

There are certain literary characters that truly stand the test of time, such as Sherlock Holmes and Winnie the Pooh, but it’s hard to find one that has been more influential or instantly recognisable the world over than Harry Potter. With his distinct lightning scar and rounded spectacles, Harry Potter has become a cultural phenomenon and the series of books have beaten The Lord of the Rings and even The Bible to secure the title as the most influential book in the world. Next year will mark 20 years since JK Rowling’s first instalment landed in our laps and London’s British Library has announced an exhibition to celebrate the magical world of Harry Potter in this anniversary year. Pay a visit to platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross station and explore the exhibit during a stay at the Red Carnation hotel, The Montague on the Gardens, in nearby Bloomsbury.

Trip: Trafalgar’s Castles and Kilts Family Experience would also be great for this as it includes a visit to London to admire the magical platform at Kings Cross and travels to Lancock to see Harry Potter’s house. It also features a visit to Edinburgh where Rowling wrote much of the books.