Wellness Retreats to go to in 2019

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So 2019 is the year to get fit and concentrate on your well being by visiting top wellness retreats.

The hard work’s been done for you by Health and Fitness Travel with a 12-month calendar featuring the best health resorts and treatments to keep you in tip-top condition.

From January detox retreats in Java to winter fitness breaks in Ibiza, Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists reveal their month-by-month guide of the best wellness holiday destinations for 2019, so you can make this the year to nourish your mind, body and soul.


Detox Cleanse in Java: MesaStila Detox
Nestled in 22 hectares of stunning coffee plantations and lush gardens, rid your body of unwanted toxins with rejuvenating therapies and cleansing diet. A new year means a new you, so give your body the A-list treatment it deserves on this luxury health retreat. Utilising Javanese influences with contemporary Western techniques, your body will feel lighter, fresher and totally rejuvenated.

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This is the best time to get back on track and embark on a wellness escape. The shortest month of the year, use your time wisely with an invigorating healing trip to Bali. Utilising century-old Balinese traditions, spiritual priest rituals and powerful mantra massages, your body will be coerced into releasing any stored tension and your energy levels will rebalance. The combination of treatments, therapies and medicine will allow you to go home nourished both inside
and out.


Take a break from all your hard work and travel to discover India. Explore the beauty and diversity of this
culturally rich and vibrant country. Get lost in all its captivating charm, from the mixture of exotic
sights, hypnotic sounds of mantra chanting and the trail of sandalwood incense lightly filling up
your senses. Embark on a wellness adventure at Pravassa Retreat that brings you up close with thousands of years of cultural traditions and history. Abundant in temples, meditation centres, yoga ashrams and retreats, India promises to satisfy your well-being needs.

Pravassa India, wellness retreat India


Total Body Conditioning in Tenerife: Baobab Suites Pilates
This comprehensive wellness program focuses on improving flexibility and strength to increase both awareness and enhance control of your entire body. With muscle evaluations, postural analysis and nutritious plant-based cuisine, transform yourself from the inside out under the warmth of the Spanish sun.


Get Fit in Ibiza: The Body Camp
Push yourself to the limits on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Guests will experience a
full body transformation, alongside an important focus on the mind. Discover the great outdoors
with a variety of fun fitness classes, from circuit training and boxing, to body sculpt and water
activities. Learn to cook healthy meals from informative nutrition workshops.


Be Active, Mindful and Balanced in Portugal: Monchique Mindful Triathlon
Escape the cold and journey into the hills and valleys in this nature haven in Portugal. Whether
you’re an active traveller looking for a little more balance, or a dedicated yogi looking to deepen
your practice, this Mindful Triathlon holiday in Portugal is sure to be a winner. Embracing three core
tenets, be active amid the serene forests with a nature walk, learn mindfulness with chakra
meditation, and find balance with activities such as yoga and Pilates. Finally, unwind by indulging
with a restorative massage at the Sensorial Spa to leave you feeling deeply relaxed.


Healthy Hiking in France: Quintessence Sports & Health Retreat
Why not try something a bit more physically challenging and mentally stimulating with an exhilarating trip to the French Alps at the Quintessence Sports & Health Retreat
An unmatched fitness retreat with a touch of luxury, fresh altitude, cosy accommodation and
amenities like the garden Jacuzzis assure to make your getaway a true retreat experience. Enjoy
free time reading from the library to build your knowledge on various healthy practices that you can
take home.

Quintessence Sports & Health Retreat, wellness, health


Sleep Well in Mauritius: Shanti Maurice Shanti Sleep Program
With more than 70 disorders in existence, and approximately one- third of people in Australia reporting sleep problems, the Shanti Sleep program seems to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Utilising ‘Yoga Nidra’ to ensure deep relaxation, you will also receive indulgent spa treatments, such as reflexology and Ayurvedic massage to help reduce stress. Return home feeling well rested and infinitely more positive having finally had your 40 winks.

Mauritius: Shanti Shanti Spa, wellness, 2019


Re-boot Your Health in Greece: Euphoria Retreat
Euphoria Retreat is the perfect place to relax and redefine the relationship between your mind and
body. Reinvent yourself through a wide range of rejuvenating spa treatments designed to help
guests achieve an enduring inner-balance.Experience an authentic healing
philosophy that draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western medicine. With complimentary
spa treatments and health-boosting fitness classes, take a healing journey of transformation at this
tranquil Greek retreat.

Euphoria Retreat Greece, wellness, health, 2019


Realise Your Full Potential in Turkey: Six Senses Kaplankaya Full Potential
Embark upon a journey to realising your full potential at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey. Set in a
secluded bay of the Milas province with panoramic views of the Aegean, this is an idyllic getaway
to work on your wellness. Find vibrancy, radiancy and energy with a comprehensive and bespoke
wellness program designed to guide you on a road to health and happiness.

Turkey Six Senses Kaplankaya


Perfect Your Asanas in Thailand: The BARAI Spa Bespoke Yoga Journey
Venture to a world of palm-fringed beaches, cobalt waters and opulent palaces, for a bespoke yoga journey at The BARAI Spa. Realise the invaluable benefits of your yoga practice by reconnecting your body and soul, improving physical fitness, increasing flexibility, calming the mind and boosting immunity.


A Non-traditional Christmas in Thailand: Amanpuri Awareness
Take a time out from the traditional at Christmas as you restore your inner balance with a wellness
trip to Amanpuri on the beautiful island of Phuket. A highly meditative and relaxing experience,
embrace a bespoke immersion of the mind, body and soul under the guidance of a former
Buddhist monk. With enchanting views of the Andaman Sea and breath-taking pink sunsets, have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Remember any time in 2019 is a good time to visit Kamalaya, Aro Ha, Fusion Maia, Amatara and COMO Shambhala Estate.

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