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Salzburg – the city, the sights and The Sound of Music

  Salzburg gave birth to two of history’s greatest musical phenomena – one from the world of classical music, the other from the much more modern world of film. They were, of course, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and The Sound of Music, which changed the face of film musicals and forever etched itself into the minds […]

Nashville – one of the great music cities of America

In Nashville, music is as much a part of life as breathing. Then there the many other experiences to be had. This is no one-trick city. The lights fade to black inside the small room with its piano keys waiting for hands that will never make sweet music again. The voice of Elvis begins singing […]

The best things to do in The Whitsundays

  Ah The Whitsundays. What is not to love when the cold is biting in the southern states. The Whitsundays are situated on the same latitude as Rio de Janeiro and Tahiti. The tropical climate means the temperature gauge is really not troubled much, as the daily temp varies little from month to month. And […]

Insider tips for a Colorado ski trip

Colorado is the epicentre for skiing in the USA with 32 ski resorts – 12 of them big drawcards for international visitors. Here are some of the best. First stop Denver There are several reasons why it is a good idea to spend a couple of days in the Mile High City before you hit […]

12 amazing things to do and see in Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is one of Japan’s most surprising prefectures. There are 160 large and small islands including 47 inhabited islands dotted over an area that covers about 400 kilometres north-to-south and 1,000 kilometres east-to-west. It offers coral reefs, crystal-clear blue seas, white sand beaches, and beautiful natural scenery. Visitors will also experience the unique Ryukyu culture and […]