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12 amazing things to do and see in Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is one of Japan’s most surprising prefectures. There are 160 large and small islands including 47 inhabited islands dotted over an area that covers about 400 kilometres north-to-south and 1,000 kilometres east-to-west. It offers coral reefs, crystal-clear blue seas, white sand beaches, and beautiful natural scenery. Visitors will also experience the unique Ryukyu culture and […]

10 Things We Can Do in Auckland

When the trans-Tasman bubble opens, and Jacinda Ardern opens the gates for Australians to visit New Zealand, the list of things to do around the North and South Islands is long. Auckland will be the first cab off the rank. Australians make up nearly half of the total international market into the harbour city pre-virus.  […]