Walk off with a tan not a waddle.


Head off on a cruise and as well as great memories, souvenirs and lots of photos, most passengers gain weight – at least 2 kilos or more.

But the new book, Cruise Yourself Slim is all about avoiding the seemingly unavoidable weight gain on food-laden cruise ships.

It features the results of a major new survey of cruise passengers conducted using the 500,000-strong database of world-leading cruise selling site cruise.co.uk .

Authors and cruise lovers Martin and Marion Shirran, are weight management specialists who run a clinic in Spain.

Their idea for the book proved an immediate hit with cruise experts, and the content includes the story of Sarah Jayne Price, a travel consultant who lost more than half her body weight using

the Shirrans’ methods. She still cruises without gaining weight.

Co-written by Fiona Graham, the book is the result of hundreds of hours of talking with and interviewing fellow cruisers, it includes unique data collected from one of the largest polls of cruisers ever undertaken, along with information supplied by many of the leading global cruise lines on the subject of food and weight gain.

The foreword of Cruise Yourself Slim was written by keen cruiser, Sydney-based cardiologist, Dr Graham Sceats.

There’s also a chapter by senior lecturer in Cruise Tourism, Patsy Morgan, from Southampton Solent University in Europe’s Cruise Capital city and a chapter by Cruise Confidential author Brian Bruns.

The book, which is available on Kindle and Audible as well as paperback, includes countless tips and tricks to help cruisers avoid piling on the kilojoules.

It takes a look at how it is possible to eat and drink the sumptuous food presented on modern cruise liners yet still minimise any weight gain while of course not cutting out all your fun.

Cruise passengers’ thoughts about onboard eating, as revealed in the survey, are an eye-opener.

The Shirran says cruise passenger numbers worldwide are more than 22 million for the third year and growing as are obesity rates.

The book is available now on Amazon Kindle, in print from Amazon and on Amazon Audible.