APPELLES is an Australian company who have created an excellent skincare range utilising the finest Australian certified organic ingredients. Produced in Sydney, they have a range of beautiful products for the body, skin, hair, the home as well as travel goods. APPELLES can be found in the bathrooms of over 150 five star luxury and boutique hotels globally.

B3 Bath Caviar

APPELLES Vitamin B3 Bath Caviar provides an indulgent bath experience. Drop a handful into the tub and immerse yourself. The wonderful aromas of musky amber and spicy patchouli permeate the bathroom as the soothing moisturisers leave your skin smooth and supple.
The wonder of Vitamin B3 increases ceramide levels , helping the skin retain moisture . It increases the rate of skin renewal, and reverses visible signs of aging and fine lines. $24.95 for 4 x 40gm jars.

The Black Label Collection

The new Black Label Collection is as advanced product range utilising only the finest natural extracts and premium certified organic essential oils selected especially for their beneficial and restorative qualities. Integrated into our unique formulations are ingredients that employ the latest advances in skin and hair care delivering unrivalled products.

Try Blackseed Shampoo, Tamanu Conditioner, Willow Bark Hand and Body Wash or Sea Buckthorn Skin Lotion – all from the Black Label Collection.


Helen Hayes
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