Calling all Twitchers


Kakadu will host the largest gathering of bird watchers and nature lovers for the annual Kakadu Bird Week 2017 in October.

There will be special birding activities, events and a new photographic competition from October 1-7.

Birds Galore

Whether it is graceful sea eagles ‘fishing’ on Yellow Water Billabong, the remarkable Jesus Bird seemingly walking on water, or local favourites such as the Jabiru and the tiny, but vividly beautiful, Kingfisher birds, Kakadu is Australia’s most spectacular location for lovers of exotic birds.

Paul Arnold Bush Photos


Bird Week

Kakadu Bird Week is the perfect time to discover Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. While you don’t need to be a ‘twitcher’ (the technical name for a bird watcher) to enjoy the spectacle, you probably will be after a few days in Australia’s largest bird sanctuary.


The Region

The region is home to over one third of Australia’s bird species and October is the peak time to see the full diversity of birds, as the wetlands retreat after six months of ‘dry’ and birds flock to the Top End in preparation for the next breeding cycle.

Best viewing

A prime vantage point to view Kakadu’s immensely rich and diverse bird life is on Yellow Water Billabong, at Cooinda. Yellow Water Cruises and Kakadu Tourism will be offering visitors exceptional opportunities to get close to Kakadu’s bird life during the special week.


Yellow Water Cruises will offer a series of cruises hosted by renowned naturalist, Luke ‘hawk eyes’ Paterson, from NT Bird Specialists, who will provide his expert insights on Kakadu’s birdlife during sunrise cruises on Yellow Water Billabong on October 1, 4 & 7.

The three hour cruises on Yellow Water Billabong will depart from Cooinda at 6am and include transfers and breakfast. Seats are strictly limited, and available for $120 per person. Details and bookings: or [email protected]