One&Only Wolgan Valley’s special treat for guests

Valley Reflections at One&Only Wolgan Valley

kangaroos, Wolgan Valley, Blue Mountains, One&Only Wolgan Valley, sculptures

During January, guests of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley will be treated to something very special, an inspiring sculpture exhibition curated by internationally renowned sculptor, Selina Hitches.

‘Valley Reflections’ is a collection of 19 large-scale sculptures, artfully arranged within the private valley and World Heritage Area that surrounds Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley. The thought-provoking outdoor exhibition gives guests a unique glimpse into the astounding creative talents of prominent Australian sculptors such as Ulan Murray, Rachel Burns, Ian Bell and Vikki Holik-Blazley.

Created from recycled materials such as Australian hardwood, sandstone, copper and steel, the sculptures in the collection are aligned with the resort’s sustainability and conservation focus. Occupying just one per cent of a 7,000-acre wildlife reserve, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is a world-leading example of carbon neutral conservation and sustainable design, built according to a philosophy of complete integration with the environment. Whilst each of the stunning sculptures in the collection is unique, they all harmonise with the spectacular natural landscape and add a wonderful new dimension to the resort’s quintessential Australian bush experience.

Wolgan Valley, wilderness resort, Blue Mountains, One&Only Wolgan Valley, sculptures

Guests can enhance their engagement with the exhibition by following the ‘Valley Reflections’ walking map, which takes guests on a journey, exploring the artworks juxtaposed with the flora and fauna of Wolgan Valley. The resort’s passionate conservationists are also on hand to ensure that guests gain a deeper understanding of the stunning wilderness setting.

“We are thrilled to welcome ‘Valley Reflections’ to Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley,” said James Wyndham, General Manager of the resort. “A love of nature, culture, heritage and the environment permeates the resort, and from the moment guests arrive they are transported to a wilderness oasis. These artworks create a new dimension to the Wolgan Valley experience, and we invite guests to enjoy and explore these unique sculptures inspired by the natural Australian landscape.”

Highlights of the ‘Valley Reflections’ exhibition include:

‘The Light of Unity’

Wolgan Valley, Blue Mountains, One&Only Wolgan Valley, art, sculptures

This exceptional work by Selina Hitches takes the form of a giant sphere created from discarded horseshoes. Hitches was inspired to create an artwork that symbolises steps in infinite pathways around the globe, traversing its surface with a sense of structure and unity. Situated beside the main pool, the work conjures up the many diverse journeys that guests have embarked upon in order to arrive at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley.

‘The Wolgan Valley Mob’

This sculpture by David Doyle consists of 18 steel kangaroos and is located in front of the Main Homestead on the lawn area. The artwork forms  part of a larger installation with other ‘mobs’ in towns and locations scattered across Australia, reminding us that we are all part of the same mob. Just as the Kangaroo mob comes together to rest under the trees, guests come to Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley to rest and rejuvenate.

 ‘Chess Piece

The powerful work by Ian Bell takes the form of a giant horse’s head carved from forest red gum and is fittingly located at the entrance of the stables. Created from a disused power-pole and now given a new existence in the realm of sculpture, the artwork is a prime example of conservation and sustainability that sits at the heart of Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley.

‘Parvo Ligno’ and ‘Mater Ligno’

These incredibly intricate works by Ulan Murray and Rachel Burns are a pair of copper and corten steel sculptures which illustrate some of Australia’s most majestic and iconic trees. The sculpture explores the equilibrium between the foliage and the root system of the tree, an image rarely conceived. Located just outside of the Wellness Centre, the artwork invites guests to reflect on the beauty and intricacy of nature.


Commenting on the exhibition, curator Selina Hitches said: “Rarely do we find a paradise like Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, in which the landscape so totally encompasses the historical, ecological and spiritual. This exhibition has, as its primary aim, evolved as a reflection on the pristine and timeless environment, as our artists to attempt to capture its essence. We hope that guests of the resort find in the many exquisite forms and practices of our Australian artists, a moment of reflection, of connection and above all, enjoyment”.

‘Valley Reflections’ will be located at Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley until the 31st of January, 2018.

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Wolgan Valley, Blue Mountains, One&Only Wolgan Valley, scultpures