Streets of the World

Belgian photographer Jeroen Swolfs spent seven years travelling to more than 200 countries researching his new book, Streets of the World.

It features a collection of stunning images of streets from every corner of the world.

Swolfs says “no matter where we called home, a street reveals a lot about the society we live in, the stories, food, wisdom, youth, and so much more. ”

Streets of the World

In Streets of the World, from Lannoo Publishers, Swolfs captures the street as a unifying theme. He traveled in search of that one street in each place – sometimes by a harbor or a railway station that comprised the country as a whole.

He says “In many ways, Street of the World is more than a book – it is a whole concept, trying to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together.”

Available online, Amazon, and fine bookstores, Streets of the World is also an exhibition – currently in Amsterdam, and moving to Copenhagen end of this month, as well as a movie for National Geographic.


With a preface by Mark Blaisse, author of Before They Passed Away, this book picks out one street in 200 different cities across the 7 continents
By means of infographics and a short text, the street becomes a symbol for a culture and a country in its entirety.
This is not just another photography book. It reveals everything that a street means to society: education, wisdom, youth, experience, happiness, stories, food, and so much more.
Swolfs sees the street as a universal meeting place, a platform of crowds, a center of news
and gossip, a place of work, and a playground for children.
After graduating from the Amsterdam Photo Academy,  Swolfs became a freelance photojournalist. His work, which
focuses on political and social issues, includes a series about returned Serbian refugees and Roma minorities in Eastern Europe.


He has photographed for National Geographic, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and many others. He has been working on Streets of the World since 2008.


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