New York’s Hidden Secrets

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The 500 Hidden Secrets of New York

Ever wondered where is the best place for slurping oysters in New York or where to go to enjoy art for free?

The good news is you can stop wondering – a new book about New York’s best secrets has all the answers.

It shares 500 of New York’s secret gems ranging from the five best hotel and rooftop bars, five historic houses that fire the imagination to the five best places to shop like a New Yorker and much more.

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

Off the Beaten Track 

There are 500 off-the-beaten-track places and interesting details for anyone who’s keen to explore the city.

It is ideally suited to tourists who want to avoid the usual hotspots, or locals who want to get to know their hometown even better.

The 500 Hidden Secrets is a unique and internationally successful series of essential city guides, first published by Luster from Belgium in 2012.

Frank Lloyd Wright room, New York

Today the series holds 20 titles, with bestsellers like The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona that was named 2nd best Barcelona guidebook by The Independent and The 500 Hidden Secrets of London that has sold more than 25,000 copies.

Every guide is written by a savvy local and only contains independent advice, based on thorough research and the author’s personal opinions.

It is frequently updated and reissued.

Washington Square Park, New York

About the authors and photographer.

Michiel Vos lives in Manhattan and works as a Dutch-American correspondent for Dutch and Belgian TV and radio. Ellen Swandiak, founder of, is a lifelong New Yorker with a penchant for discovery. Erinn Springer is a New York photographer whose work centres on human connection and the portraiture of people and place.


Pics by Erinn Springer.

The Butcher's Daughter, New York