The Grand Canyon: 100 years old

Grand Canyon, Arizona, Grand Canyon centennial, Jocelyn Pride

Go Grand – help celebrate the Grand Canyon National Park’s 100th Birthday

Six million years in the making, six million visitors each year and six million reasons to visit the iconic Grand Canyon in Arizona. But here’s just one – 2019 marks the 100 the year of the
Grand Canyon as a national park and celebrations are happening all through the year.

Whether you fly over it in a chopper, hike the myriad of trails, ride a mule, white water raft, take a daredevil stroll on the Skywalk or simply stand and gaze in awe, the scale, grandeur,
colours, textures of the seemingly never-ending vistas of the Grand Canyon are impossible to fathom. And as the light changes throughout the day, scenes take on different hues.

The opening shot is taken in the early morning light. Here are some images at other times of the day, all taken by Jocelyn Pride.

Mid Morning

Grand Canyon National Park centennial, Grand Canyon, photographing the Grand Canyon, Arizona



Grand Canyon turns 100, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona national parks

Late afternoon

Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon, Arizona national parks, Jocelyn Pride


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, Grand Canyon at sunset

At any time of day, in any light, the Grand Canyon never ceases to amaze.

“Be inspired. Go Grand.”


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