Kinosaki Onsen, Visit Kinosaki, Japan, Spa town, Ankokuji Temple

Things to do in Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki Onsen, spa town, Japan, yukata, traditional Japan


When looking for things to do in Kinosaki Onsen, you will have plenty of choice. With its ancient temples and shrines, willow-lined streets, inspiring old-world charm and the world’s finest onsens, Kinosaki Onsen is a delight to visit at any time of the year but if you want an extra splash of colour, go in autumn.

“Whether it’s seeing Kinosaki’s picturesque temples covered in autumn foliage, hiking magnificent mountain trails or sampling some of the most delicious seasonal food, autumn in Kinosaki means indulgence in every sense of the word” says Alison Roberts-Brown, Regional Director of Visit Kinosaki in Australia. “And what better time could there be to experience Kinosaki’s world-class hot springs than on a crisp autumn night?” she added.

Here are some great suggestions to help you plan your autumnal visit.

Visit Temples and Shrines

Kinosaki Onsen, Visit Kinosaki, Japan, Spa town, Onsenji Temple

Kinosaki’s temples and shrines come to life thanks to the red and gold autumn foliage autumn brings. Onsenji Temple is located halfway up Mt. Daishi and with access by a cable car, it is easy to visit and the views from the top are majestic. The observation deck offers great views of Kinosaki and surroundings. Ankokuji Temple, 45 minutes from Kinosaki Onsen, is famous for its azalea red leaves.

Sample Autumn Food

Try some of the most iconic specialities in one of Kinosaki’s local restaurants or in your ryokan. Autumn specialties include Blackthroat Seaperch Fish and Kasumi Crab.

Go Onsen-Hopping

Undoubtedly the most indulgent thing you can do for yourself on a cool autumn night is visiting Kinosaki’s world-class bathhouses. In Japan’s Best Hot Spring town, visitors staying at a ryokan get a free pass to visit seven public baths. From outdoor cave baths to ice saunas, travellers can enjoy the ultimate wellness heaven. One of the best is Nishimuraya Honkan.

Nishimuraya Honkan, Kinosaki Onsen, Visit Kinosaki, Japan, Spa town,

Admire the ‘Sea of Clouds’

Mt Kuruhi, Kinosaki Onsen, Visit Kinosaki, Japan, Spa town, view, sea of cloud,

The views on the mountains don’t stop at the tree lines. In the early mornings from November to early December, the picturesque sea of clouds can be seen at Mt. Kuruhi nearby Kinosaki if conditions allow. This is a natural phenomenon in which fog and strata clouds cover an area due to radiative cooling in mountainous areas.

Explore an old Castle Town

Kinosaki Onsen, Visit Kinosaki, Japan, Spa town, Izushi Castle

For the ultimate autumn fairy tale, head to Izushi, about 40 minutes from Kinosaki. Izushi is a castle town popular for its nostalgic atmosphere of old Japan. Wander around castle ruins, shrines, and temples and admire some of the local products such as Izushi Sara Soba and Izushi Yaki (pottery).

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Kinosaki Onsen, Visit Kinosaki, Japan, Spa town, Ankokuji Temple