Book review – for the coffee aficionado in your life

The Little Coffee Know It All

The Little Coffee Know-It-All

By Shawn Steiman, Ph.D.

For anyone who loves coffee with a passion, this book is the perfect gift. Shawn Steiman is Hawaii’s own Doctor Coffee, with a PhD from the University of Hawaii-Manoa specialising in coffee studies. Steiman frequently lectures and conducts workshops with farmers and the general public on coffee related topics. His business, Coffea Consulting, educates farmers and connoisseurs on coffee from a scientific standpoint. Working with small farmers is a passion for Steiman, who has travelled to Zambia to help smallholder coffee growers compete in the world coffee market. He was a contributing editor to the recently released textbook, Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bean, the Beverage and the Industry.A guide to growing, roasting and brewing the world’s best coffee, uncompromising and unapologetic.

Shawn has written this book as a guide to growing, roasting and brewing the world’s best coffee, in an uncompromising and unapologetic fashion. Do you know why coffee is best grown at high altitude? Do you know where coffee came from originally? Do you know the tricks to making a great coffee? Chapter one is all about The beans, then we move on to The Roast, The Brew and The Cup. Everything you ever wanted to know about coffee is in this book … and then some.

The Little Coffee Know-It-All

Published by Quarto US, RRP: $29.99