Tom Roberts paints the town red in Canberra

Art exhibition – Tom Roberts to open at the National Gallery of Australia

Tom Roberts, one of Australia’s most recognised artists, is the talk of the town in Canberra. The National Gallery of Australia (NGV), is celebrating the work of Tom Roberts with an exhibition on until 28 March, 2016.

The exhibition will show major works from public and private collections, from the early days when Tom was studying at London’s Royal Academy in 1883 until 1931. The exhibition is showcasing over 130 works of art, showing Tom’s love of the Australian countryside and way of life in the lead up to Federation. Highlights of the collection include Shearing the rams, A break away!, and The Big Picture  – an enormous painting, 3 by 5 metres, that captures recognisable portraits of 265 dignitaries at the Federation of Australia ceremony in May of 1901. This is the first time the painting has moved since it was hung in Parliament House in 1988. He was among the first to promote outdoor landscape painting and his Impressionist landscapes set the tone for much that was to follow.

The NGA has also complete a rehang of the national collection, which means moving the entire Australian collection downstairs, with many favourites and highlights as well as new works. International art, including Jackson Pollock’s famous Blue Poles (1952), will move upstairs into refurbished gallery spaces. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketek.

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