Maui Jim Sunglasses

With the harsh Australian sun, sunglasses are a must – especially sunglasses with style. Maui Jim has style in droves. Maui Jim sunglasses were created in Hawaii, with just seven styles to choose from in those early days. Today, there are 70 styles of sunglasses to choose from that provide advanced protection from the severe glare and UV rays. Some of the latest include:

River Jetty, A lightweight, durable frame that is perfect for: high-performance and active lifestyles. It has the added benefit of several performance features

Wanderer, a sleek new modified aviator. Comfortable and lightweight by design, Wanderer is the perfect companion for any lifestyle. It’s perfect for formal or casual events, with the lens treatments and frames, saltwater safe.

Ikaika, meaning “strong” in Hawaiian, is indeed strong. It’s perfect for relaxing on the beach or driving or just about anything. The frames and lens treatments are saltwater safe.

River Jetty, $242
Mavericks. $385
Ikaika, $308

Maui Jim Sunglasses
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Helen Hayes
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