Six Places to See Western Australia’s Wildflower Season

Beautiful wildflowers of the Golden Outback

It’s that time of the year again, when the Golden Outback bursts into flower and this year it’s set to be even more blooming beautiful. than ever.

Western Australia will soon be awash with colour, when more than 12,000 species of wildflowers start to bloom across the State.

Here are six places  to view fabulous wildflowers.

1.Traditionally from mid-August wildflowers start blooming around the Goldfields region. From September through October it is the peak season for the southern outback coast with the Fitzgerald River National Park and its bizarre-looking royal hakea. The national parks around Esperance are in full bloom with coastal varieties.

Pink everlastings at Mellenbye Station_Western Australia’s Golden Outback

2. The Gascoyne and Murchison is renowned for its unique station stays, vast outback landscapes and Mount Augustus, Australia’s largest rock twice the size of Uluru. The area is well-known for ‘carpets’ of everlastings especially after some great rainfall. Early indications are it’s going to be a bumper wildflower season, with mulla mulla, and acacias and other bush flowers already in bloom.

You can see plenty of wildflowers around Mount Augustus

3. From mid-August, the flowers then start to bloom further south right across the Wheatbelt, with its beautiful orchids, everlastings and countless other species.

4.There’s no better time to visit the Wheatbelt than springtime, with its great network of self-drive trails.

5.Flowers start to bloom in mid-August in the Northern Wheatbelt and Wildflower Country, renowned for everlastings, verticordias, the wreath flower, pom poms, and countless orchid species such as ant, donkey, fairy, pink candy orchids.

6. While around the Central and North-East Wheatbelt explore massive outcrops and nature reserves with their everlastings and countless types of orchid species. In the Southern Wheatbelt you can see hakea, grevillea and countless types of orchids such as the rare queen of sheba orchid, as well as other extensive wildflower displays well into September.

Check out the wildflower explosion with the 2021 Wildflower Tracker designed to help you find the latest wildflowers that are blooming right around the state.

It is updated as reports of new flowers come in, to give you an accurate guide of where the flowers are this season.

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