Anzac Day on the Kokoda Track

Lest we forget, on the Kokoda Track

Trekkers looking for a unique way to mark Anzac Day this year can take part in a Dawn Service at Bomana Cemetery on the Kokoda Track, the resting place of more than 3000 Australian soldiers.
Australians have a love affair with the Kokoda Trail with more than 5000 people tackling the physically and mentally challenging trek each year. World Expeditions has been offering commercial treks to Papua New Guinea since the 1980s.
For many the Kokoda Track is a fitting reminder of the Australian Army’s heroic battles in 1942 to defend Port Moresby – in extraordinary conditions – from the advancing forces of the Japanese. These historic encounters on the Owen Stanley Ranges ensure that the Kokoda Track remains a classic journey.
This year, to commemorate Anzac Day, World Expeditions is offering four special Anzac Day treks with Dawn Services, two at Bomana Cemetery and another two along the track.
In the company of an expert Australian guide, participants trek across the geographical heart of Papua New Guinea following trails through tropical rainforests and varied mountain environments.  Accommodation is in secluded jungle camps and offers an opportunity to share experiences with the traditional villagers in some of PNG’s most remote regions.
The itineraries are crafted to allow plenty of opportunity to embrace the history and local culture as well as to meet the physical demands of this rugged track.
In total, there are 14 scheduled departures in 2016 between April and November, including four special ANZAC DAY treks with Dawn Services, with the dates as follows:
Kokoda Track – Anzac Day (Bomana Cemetery Dawn Service) 15 – 26 April 2016
Kokoda & Northern Beaches Trek (Bomana Cemetery Dawn Service) 13 – 26 April 2016.
Kokoda Track – Anzac Day (Con’s/ Surgeon’s Rock Dawn Service) 22 April to 2 May 2016
Kokoda Track – Anzac Day (Isurava Dawn Service) – 22 April to 2 May 2016.

All itineraries offer everything for the military history enthusiast, culture lover and keen trekker with the longer itineraries including two days along the northern coastline around Buna, where the final stages of the campaign played out in 1942.